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100-Board of Education
300-Staff Personnel
400-Pupil and Pupil
        Personnel Services

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Board of Trustees
Staff Personnel
Table of Contents
Series 300

300.0       Statement of Guiding Principals
300.1       Hiring Process and Criteria
300.2       Hiring Process and Criteria Procedure
300.2F1    Authorization for Release of Information Form
300.2F2   Request to Employer Form
300.2F3   Request for Verification of Certificate Form
300.3       Personnel Records
300.4      Personnel Records Procedures
300.5      Equal Employment Opportunity and Non-Discrimination
300.5a      Compliance with ADA regarding Employees with Disabilities
300.5b      Idaho State Veteran Employment Preference
300.6      Employee Electronic Mail and On-line Services Use
300.7a      Employing Retired Teachers
300.9      Notification to All Candidates
300.9a      Criminal History Background Checks
300.10      Personnel Reemployment
300.11      Original Contracts
300.11a      Workday that exceeds Contract
300.12      Salary Schedule
300.13      Other Salary Schedule Requirements
300.13a      Employee Compensation Non-Annualized Election
300.13b      Non-School Employment by Professional Staff Members
300.13c      Pay for Performance
300.14      Compensation for Extra Services
300.15      Signed Receipt for Contract
300.16      Substitute Teachers
300.17      Insurance
300.18      Termination of Benefits
300.19      Tax Sheltered Annuity
300.20      Physical Examinations
300.20a      Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing
300.21      Release from Contracts of Certificated Personnel
300.22      Suspension and Dismissal
300.22a      Informal Review
300.23      Sick Leave
300.23a      Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
300.23b      Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Procedure
300.24      Sick Leave - Pregnancy
300.25      Sick Leave Bank
300.26      Misuse of Sick Leave
300.27      Personal Leave
300.28      Bereavement Leave
300.29      Professional Leave
300.30      Legal Leave
300.31      Extended Leave of Absence
300.32      Absence without Pay
300.32a      Administrative Leave with Pay - Delegation of Authority
300.32b      Military Leave
300.33      School Day
300.33a      Professional Research and Publishing
300.34      Tutoring
300.35      Ethical Behavior
300.36      Activity Accounting
300.37      General Powers and Authority
300.38      Instructional
300.39      Committee and Staff Work
300.40      Communications
300.41      Legal Responsibilities
300.42      Code of Ethics
300.43      Evaluation and Probation of Certificated Personnel
300.44      Reduction in Force
300.45      Reassignment of Teachers
300.46      Staff Drug and Alcohol Abuse
300.47      Smoke Free Workplace
300.48      Sexual Harassment/Intimidation in the Workplace
300.49      Classified Employees
300.50      Employee Use of School District Equipment
300.51      Qualifications of Paraprofessionals
300.52      Employee Use of Electronic Communication and Entertainment Devices
300.53      Positive Time Reporting
300.53F    Time and Effort Documentation
300.54      Leadership Premiums