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100-Board of Education
300-Staff Personnel
400-Pupil and Pupil
        Personnel Services

700-Business Support


Federal Fiscal Policy
and Procedures Manual

Board of Trustees
Business Support Services
Table of Contents
Series 700

700.1        Statement of Guiding Principals
700.2        Planning the Budget
700.3        Preparation of the Budget 
700.4        Requirements of the Budget 
700.5        Publication of the Budget 
700.6        Budget Hearing 
700.7        Budget Adoption 
700.8        Budget as a Spending Plan
700.9        Financial Accounting System
700.9a      Audit of Financial Status
700.10      Public Procurement of Goods and Services
700.10a    Supplemental Bidding Prodedures
700.10b    Public Works Construction
700.11      Purchase Order
700.12      Receiving Supplies
700.13      Student Activity Funds
700.14      Travel Expense
700.15      Imprest Account
700.16      Capitalization of Fixed Assets
700.17      Reporting New Employees
700.18      Acquisition and Sale of Property
700.19      Investment of Funds
700.20      New Fees or Increase of Fees
700.21      Storage & Retrieval of Business Records
705          Records Management
706          Retention of District Records
707          Retention of Records Relating to Federal Grants
725          Purchasing Under a Federal Award
726          Procurement Under a Federal Award
727          Allowable Uses for Grant Funds
728          Travel Expenses Under a Federal Award
729          Federal Cash Management
730          Unpaid School Meal Charges
731          Small, Minority, Women-Owned Businesses and Competition
732          Employees Paid with Federal Funds and Unexpected or Extraordinary Closures
755.0       Hazard Mitigation
755.1       Uniform Public School Safety
755.4       Waste Management & Recycling
760          Memorials on School Grounds