Board of Trustees


100-Board of Education
300-Staff Personnel
400-Pupil and Pupil
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Board of Trustees
Table of Contents
Series 500
500.1		Organizational Plan
500.1a		Accreditation
500.2		Elementary Areas of Instruction
500.3		Secondary Curriculum
500.3a		IDLA - Distance Learning
500.3b		Computer and Network Services
500.3c		Honors Credit - Effective for the Class of 2016
500.3c		Grade Scale - Effective for the Class of 2017 and after
500.4		Special Education
500.4a            	Permanent Student Records (Special Ed)
500.4b            	Contracted Educational Services
500.5		Curriculum Study and Improvement
500.5a        	Migrant Education Program
500.6		Controversial Issues
500.7		Classroom Organization & Management
500.7a  		Lesson Plans
500.8		Homework
500.9		Make Up Work
500.10		Calendar
500.11		School Day
500.12		Emergency Closing
500.13		Release Time for Special Instruction or Activities
500.13a		Release Time
500.14		Method of Reporting
500.15		Promotion/Retention
500.15a		Supplemental Education Services
500.16		Selection of Instructional Materials
500.16a		Criteria for Selection of Instructional Materials
500.17		Criteria for Selection of Library Materials
500.17a		Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials
500.17b		Use of Commercially Produced Video Recording
500.19a		Special Education Written Agreements
500.20		Nutrition Services
500.21		Nutrition Education
500.22		Physical Activity Opportunities and Physical Education
500.23 		Driver Training Education
500.24		Educational Research in District Schools
505                  Parent and Family Engagement
505.1		Parent and Family Engagement Guidelines