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100-Board of Education
300-Staff Personnel
400-Pupil and Pupil
        Personnel Services

700-Business Support


Board of Trustees
Pupil & Pupil Personnel Services
Table of Contents
Series 400

410.0	School Age
410.1 	Students of Legal Age
411.0 	Attendance/Credit or Promotion
411.01 	Attendance and Incompletes
411.1	Immunization Requirements
411.2  	School Immunization - Certificate of Exemption
412.0	Regular & Punctual Attendance
412.1  	Request to Attend Highland School by Non-Resident Students
412.2  	Non-Resident Enrollment Application
412.3  	Home Schools
413.0	Fees
414.0	Insurance
415.0	Graduation
415.01  	High School Graduation Requirements
415.02  	Student Learning Plans
415.1   	At-Risk Task Force
415.2   	Senior Sneak
416.0	Education of Homeless Children
417.0	Entrance, Placement, and Transfer


420.0	Student Rights and Responsibilities
421.0	Equal Educational Opportunity
422.0	Safe and Secure Learning Environment
422.1	Gangs
423.0	Student Discipline
423.1    	Detention
423.2   	Suspensions
423.3    	Expulsion
423.4    	Disciplining Students with Disabilities (IDEA)
423.5    	Student Use of Electronic Entertainment Devices
423.6	Academic Honesty
424.1	Hazing/Harassment/Intimidation/Bullying/Menacing
424.2	Sexual Harassment
424.3	Assault and Battery
425.0	Student Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Use
426.0	Extra Curricular Student Activities
426.1	Extra-Curricular Eligibility
426.2	Extra-Curricular Activity Rules
426.3	Extra-Curricular Activities - Transportation of Students
426.4	Competitive Athletic Statement
427.0	District Sponsorship of Activities
428.0	Student Dress Code
428.01	Student Publications
429.0	Acceptable Use of Electronic Networks
429.1	Internet Access Conduct and Mobile Computing Device Agreement
429.2	District-Provided Access to Electronic Information, Services, and Networks
429.3	District Provided Mobile Computing Devices
430         Sexual Harrassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation
430P       Title IX Sexual Harrassment Grievance Procedure
430F1     Title IX Notice of Investigation and Allegation Form
430F2     Title IX Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form


441.0	Student Health Services
441.1	Health Emergency Plan
441.2	Health Records and Emergency Care
441.3	Do Not Resuscitate
441.4	Administering Medications
442.0	Exclusion for Communicable Diseases
443.0    	Suicide
443.1    	Weapons
443.2	Police Interviews
443.2a	Form - Interviewing
443.2b	Form - Arresting Officer
443.3  	Video Surveillance
443.4    	Abused and Neglected Child Reporting
444.0   	Complaints
445.0   	Removal of Students and Non-Students from Schoolhouse or Grounds
445.1   	Prohibiting Registered Sex Offenders from Entrance to School
445.1a  	Student Sex Offenders
445.2   	Patron Conduct at District Programs and Activities
446.0   	Emergency School Closures
447.0   	Evacuation Drills
447.1   	Crisis Procedure Manual
448.0   	Idaho Student Information System (Power School)
448.1   	Data Access, Security and Confidentiality
448.2   	Electronic Transfer or Release of Information
448.3	Student Data Privacy and Security
449    	Concussion Guidelines
449F1	Acknowledgement of Receipt of Concussion Guidelines
449F2	Authorization to Return to Play or Participate
455.0	Volunteer Assistance
455.1	Volunteer Assistance Procedure
455.2	Volunteer Application


460.0	Local School Wellness
461.0	District Nutritional Committee
462.0	Food Services
462.1  	Nutrition Standards
462.2   	School Meals
463.0   	Water Consumption/Water Bottle Policy
464.0   	Competitive Food Services (vending, concessions, fund raising)
465.0   	Guidelines for Food and Beverages Sales
466.0   	Vending Machines