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Bulletin - Updated 3/12/18 - 8:45am

Monday, Mar 12: Hot dog or chili dog, veggies, fruit, milk. 7-12 salad bar
-	JH C day
-	4:00 pm - SB @ Grangeville.  Van leaves ?
-	Track practice @ Lapwai.  Van leaves 3:45 pm.

Tuesday, Mar 13: Hamburgers, Jo Jo's, veggie, fruit, milk. 7-12 salad bar
-	JH A day
-	4:00 pm - Parent/Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, Mar 14:  Country fried steak, mashed potatoes/gravy, veggies, fruit, milk.  7-12 salad bar
-	JH B day
-	12:00 pm - Core Team mtg
-	4:00 pm - Parent/Teacher Conferences

Thursday, Mar 15:  Pizza, salad, veggies, fruit, milk.  7-12 salad bar
-	JH C day
-	12:00 pm - NHS mtg
-	3:30 pm - Van for Track 
-	4:30 pm - SB vs Prairie @ Culdesac.  Van leaves 3:30 pm ?

Friday, Mar 16:  NO SCHOOL

Saturday, Mar 17:
-	10:00 am - Central ID Inv Track @ Lapwai.   Van leaves ?


Congratulations to the BPA students who qualified for Nationals.  Malayna is State Champion in 
Integrated Applications and D'Rikka is State Champion in Advanced Word-Processing.  Morgan 
placed 2nd in Advanced Accounting and our Financial Analyst team of Morgan and 
Kaden Schwartz also placed 2nd.  

ALL STUDENTS:  regarding use of the student microwave in the cafeteria--if you spill or 
make a mess in it, please clean it up yourself.  There are paper towels in the kitchen and 
water, if needed. If you do not keep it clean it will be removed and you will NOT have 
access to a microwave.  This is a student responsibility.

If anyone has hanging baskets left from last year, we are in need of more for this year, 
please bring them to school.

SENIORS - SCHOLARSHIP INFO:  Nextsteps.Idaho.gov

Books are waiting to be adopted in the library. Students and teachers are welcome to 
take the discarded books. More are being weeded every day, so come and look often. 
Just ask Mrs. P where the discards are.

SUMMER EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES:  Winchester State Park. Starting wage $9.00/hr.  
Visit www.parksandrecreation.idaho.gov, click on the "About Parks & Rec" link to get 
an application.  Questions, call 924-7563.

Wednesday, 4:00-5:30 pm, Youth Group for JH/HS.  Meet in Rm 108-meal provided.